International transport

Transport of goods throughout Europe

International transport

Transport of goods throughout Europe

About us

We have been providing international road services since 1992. During this time, we have developed effective methods of fleet management, so that the vehicles collect and deliver customers’ goods to specific places on time. We specialize in transport in the European Union and Switzerland as well as in eastern directions – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Our strength is also the transport of containers and also domestic and international forwarding.

We create a family group consisting of companies:


Międzynarodowy Transport Drogowy i Spedycja (International Road Transport and Forwarding Services) EUROPTIR Edward Leszczyński


EUROPTIR 2 Grzegorz Leszczyński


EUROPTIR 3 Paweł Leszczyński


EUROPTIR PLUS Karol Leszczyński

Thanks to the personal involvement of the owners in preparing for transport and supervising the supply chain, we offer transport and forwarding services at the highest level.

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We specialize primarily in the international transport – the transport of goods throughout Europe.

We transport loads of many types:



ADR (dangerous goods)


We also provide domestic transport and transfers in Western Europe. The company has huge experience in the refrigerated and containerized transport services..

The scope of services also includes:

domestic and international forwarding,

customs services.


The „EUROPTIR” family group has a fleet of 44 Volvo trucks and semitrailers (tilt, refrigerated, container chassis).